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himym s07e17

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

We-we… we still have our deal, right?
If we’re both still… single when we’re 40?

Yeah, yeah. No. Look… I’m sorry.
I-I can’t do that anymore. As long as the door is even a little bit open, I have this feeling that I’ll just be… waiting around to see if I win the lottery when you turn 40.
I think you know how you feel about me now, and… I don’t think time’s going to change that.
Just tell me. Do you love me?


그동안 나는

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

그동안 나는 내가 색맹인 것도 모르고 마냥 파랑새를 찾아다녔으니,
바보라고 손가락질 당해도 아무 말 못 하겠다.

내가 미처 알아보지 못하고 지나친 파랑새는 지금 어디에 있을까?

내가 잡으려고 애쓰던, 내 눈앞의 이 새는 파랑새일까?